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Calling the Right Oak Park Locksmith: Locksmithing Tools

A locksmith is only as good as the tools he uses.  In this article by Oak Park Locksmith we take a quick look at the tools of the trade.

#1. The first tool is education

It sounds corny, but Oak Park Locksmith really does believe that locksmith first tool is they’re training.  It takes at least one year to train a skilled locksmith.  The courses in a typical training include:

  • Making Master Keys
  • Key fitting by hand
  • Key Identification
  • Cutting keys by code lock service and repair
  • Key machine adjustment and key duplication
  • Lock installation

Also depending on what state you are in there may also be other additional courses added to the program of study.  Oak Park Locksmith recommends a thorough search before enrolling in a program.  That Said the next step and Oak Park Locksmith firmly supports this, is to do an internship.  The internship should be a part of the course of study.

2 Basic tools used by the Locksmith

Oak Park Locksmith notes that a lot of systems are employing technologies and require knowledge of electrical as well as computer skills.  In the field most of the time one will encounter locks that use cylinders, bolts and levers.  Tumblers are also common lock systems.

Oak Park Locksmith notes that the basic locksmithing tools include:

  • Tweezers, yes you read right tweezers.  Why?  Oak Park locksmith
     points out the that these are used often to pull out pins from a lock.  This tool is used when a locksmith needs to re-key a lock.
  • A follower is the second tool used to re-key a lock.  It allows the locksmith to pull the lock out.  A kit known as the HPC is the best bet for a rookie locksmith. It has 4 tubes in the set that fit most locks.
  • An End Cap removal tool is the next tool in the kit.  Oak Park Locksmith notes the use of this tool is primarily when a locksmith’s challenge is to deal with a deadbolt.
  • A Kwikset Cylinder Removal Kit.  From it’s name one gets the idea here that it is used to remove cylinders.  The tool is used mostly to re-key Kwikset locks.
  • A Key Gauge is another tool in the kit, Oak Park Locksmith sees these as essential tools when a locksmith has to decode the key.  The best bet is to get a gauge that works with the main manufacturers of locks.  Oak Park Locksmith will post an article about them shortly.
  • Shims.  These devices help take apart a lock especially when no key is available.
  • Another tool Oak Park Locksmith suggests for the locksmith is the Pick Set.  There are seven picks in the set and these are used, you guessed to pick the lock.  We will delve into this tool in another article.
  • Pin Kit, is a tool used for working with the pins.


And there you have it the most important tools in the locksmith’s arsenal.  Oak Park locksmith reminds people reading this article that it is illegal to have these tools on your person unless you can prove that you are a locksmith.  So don’t go and get them until you have taken a course and have the proper certifications to work as a locksmith.


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